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What I do:

I work with Glass c 104 Murano .I'm able to create glass sculptures with the technique of Lampwork hand flying made. Usually women (and 97% of all) who do this work makes pearls or small animals mostly for commercial purposes, but almost no one comes close to the possibility' that this technique allows, because of the enormous difficulties and experience needed to acquire the numerous techniques and feeling with the material.


Who I Am

Born and Raised in Murano and being daily in contact with the glass of Murano enough evidence to bring Cristina towards its destiny: a glass artisan. The daily work is to transform every idea into a glass object. The collectors and artists who collaborate with Cristina are people from all over the world.


My Works

some of my works requires long time to project and study to find the way to execute it and after it will be never repeat

Murano Island

Murano in the north of Venice Lagoon (Italy) is the island of glass. Where almost 50% of the population work with the glass made in the island. Venice and it's Lagoon is Unesco site since 1987 and the Island of Murano is defined "Artisan Village"

Scheda Tecnica dei Prodotti

Sfriso Cristina - Creazioni in Vetro Murano Corte Bigaglia n.6 cap 30141 Venezia - Italia Tel & Fax 0+39 (0)41 736685 p.iva 02838510275 Materiale Usato: Vetro di Murano prodotti lavorati a Murano artigianalmente Il Vetro c104 e' prodotto a Murano in forma di bacchette da: EFFETRE Murano SRL Il prodotto finale e' finemente lavorato artigianalmente secondo tecniche tradizionali a : Murano - Venezia - Italia Made in Murano Made in ITALY


Thank You.

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